card security

COB is committed to providing the safest environment to ensure your best possible financial health. Your new EasyAccess card is packed with features that make it more secure than ever before to undertake your on/offline transactions. To ensure the highest level of security as you use your new card, we have compiled a few essential tips on how you can make your card even more secure.

keeping your card safe

Making Purchases

Remember to ask for your card after you make purchases

Suspicious Activity

Report any strange transactions to us as soon as possible.

Balance Checking

Login to online banking and check your account regularly.

Shopping Online

Consider a prepaid card for online purchases.

Card Ownership

Sign the back of your card upon receipt.

Using Public Wi-Fi

Don’t use public Wi-Fi for online transaction.

Using ATMs

Use secure COB ATM’s whenever possible.

Pin Security

Your PIN is confidential and should never be disclosed to anyone.

Card Management

Treat your card as you would cash.