frequently asked questions

How do I get
my new card?

Simply register online and you will be able to select a convenient date and time for your Easy Access Card collection. 

Will I need to wait when I collect my new card?

Once you register online, your new Easy Access Card collection should be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Will I need to pay for my new card?

There is no charge for your new Easy Access Card. Should you lose or damage your
card however, there may be a card replacement fee.

Why do I need to register online?

We are currently upgrading thousands of cards. Registering online allows you to schedule a collection time that is convenient to you, ensures that your Easy Access Card is ready when you arrive to collect and prevents lengthy waiting times.

Where will my
new card

Your new Easy Access Card can be used at any COB ATM, Any Point of Sale Terminal locally or internationally and any commercial bank ATM displaying the MasterCard logo.

Will my old card
still work?

Once your new Easy Access Card is issued and pinned, your old card will no longer work.

Will my
fees change?

Your new Easy Access Card is able to undertake transactions that your old card cannot. As such, there will be a new fee schedule.

Why do I need to provide my personal details when registering online?

We are required by the Financial Services Commission to upgrade and
verify our customer information. This information will also allow us to better secure your new Easy Access Card.

Do I need to be a COB member to apply for an Easy Access Card

Yes. A debit card is always tied to an account at your financial institution. you can visit any COB branch, Monday – Saturday and sign up for an account and your new Easy Access Card

What are
Chip & Pin cards?

The contactless  feature provides secure encryption technology that allows for faster transactions and is as safe as your regular card. It uses a hidden embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae.

Why does my Chip card
have a magnetic stripe?

Not all Point of Sale terminals can accept chip cards.  Your Easy Access chip card also has a magnetic stripe on the back, so that you can continue using your card while merchants are transitioning to new chip-enabled terminals.

How is a Chip Card different from a magnetic stripe card?

A chip card looks just like a traditional card, but it has an embedded chip. Rather than swiping your card, you insert your chip card into the terminal to complete the transaction. Your new Easy Access card also has contactless capabilities, so you can tap your card at checkout when given the option.

What are the
benefits of Chip & Pin?

The embedded microchip provides robust security features and other capabilities that are not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. A chip card is virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Where can I use
my new Chip card?

Use your Easy Access chip card at the same merchants you do now — either by inserting the card into terminals that are chip-enabled or swiping your card. You can also continue to use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments and at ATMs.

How does
Chip & Pin work?

Whether your card is inserted in the terminal or tapped, the chip communicates with the terminal to determine whether the card is authentic. Typically, the terminal will prompt you to enter a PIN to validate your identity. Once approved, your transaction will be complete.

What is a
Contactless Card?

The contactless  feature provides secure encryption technology that allows for faster transactions and is as safe as your regular card. It uses a hidden embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae.

How does a Contactless Card work?

when making a purchase under BBD $100.00, simply tap your card against the payment terminal at checkout. Your payment details are sent wirelessly to the Mastercard network and you receive payment confirmation.

Why do I need to supply new KYC documentation

Your new EasyAccess card is an international debit card with new features and function such as online shopping which require enhanced security.   The security protocols associated with the issuing of your new international debit card begins with updating the cardholder KYC.

In future, will I need to providenew KYC information if I need to renew or replace my new card?

No. Once you have updated your KYC, requesting a replacement card will not require resubmission of KYC documentation