Card Fees

Your new EasyAccess card provides significantly enhanced features, benefits and functionalities. As a result, the card fee structure has been changed, with some fees being removed while in Other cases there is an increased.

there is no charge

For COB ATM Deposits or POS Usage so wherever possible use our ATMs to make your deposits and use POS instead of cash to make your purchases

it costs less

To use our ATMs should you need to withdraw cash. We allow 4 FREE withdrawals per month and you only pay BBD$2.50 per withdrawal after. Non COB ATMs charge BBD$11.00, so plan your withdrawals and cash spending to avoid unnecessary fees.

online is free

So save money and time while you enjoy the convenience of delivery or pay and collect your purchases from your favourite retailers.

we pay cash back

When you use your card at certain merchants so look out for our growing list of Cash Back Partners