Candidate PRofile

James Paul

James Paul has been with the BAS in the position of Chief Executive Officer since May 1, 2000. Prior to this he was Chief Financial Officer and has been with the BAS for a period of twenty three years. I am also an active member of the City of Bridgetown Credit Union which represents his extra-curricular interest. I am a graduate of the University of the West Indies with a BSc in Public Administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Development. My main interests are chess, basketball and cricket.

He describes himself as a mature, confident and self-motivated university graduate with considerable experience the development of organisations and possessing skills in negotiating and and representation of issues before competent authorities. He possesses a mature understanding of the issues pertaining to Barbados’ productive sectors in the emerging global trading environment. He has developed an interest in the food sector in terms of its importance in supplying the nutritional needs of Barbadians and recognises that food security is an important instrument for development.

He therefore has a keen interest in agriculture and by extension the environment. He feels that it is important that both are not sacrificed on the altar of expediency in order to pursue short term objectives and impact negatively on the maintenance of a food security regime. James Paul supports the view that economic development is achieved from a balanced perspective and that all sectors and people in the society benefit. Such a perspective seeks to ensure that improvements in the standard of living are not achieved at the expense of long-term economic interests and disadvantaged or resource challenged individuals in society. All Barbadians must be provided with the opportunities to benefit from the development initiatives which we pursue as a nation.

Mr. Paul has been involved as a coach of a basketball team winning the BABA’s third division championship in earlier days. He enjoys watching team oriented sports and getting involved in their organisation, mainly because of their community impact. James Paul is essentially a person who is concerned about people and development and providing persons with the opportunity to develop themselves. This he feels can be achieved by working with people to develop their talents and skills.