Candidate PRofile


Passionate about the co-operative movement, Cyriline is very interested in the development of our Youth and the growth of members. She sees the movement and education intertwined in continuous motion. Education about the movement, education within the movement and the continuous sharing of the information to optimize growth of the movement and wealth of its members. Telecoms and Business Administration, she is an advocate for service excellence and the empowerment of persons. Her love for knowledge and customer service led her to developing and delivering material for competency-based training in Financial Sales, Retail Sales and Customer Service for adults. Cyriline has also assisted with the delivery of training to secondary school students under an NVQ program. A Development Educator within the co-operative movement, she has always been willing to assist where needed for the advancement of C.O.B., its members and the movement in general.

Cyriline has served as Secretary and Vice-Chairman of the Credit Committee. Appreciative of a good challenge, she has a keen eye for detail, and a love of word games and reading.