Candidate PRofile

Antonio Headley

Antonio Headley is a very enthusiastic and determined individual as it relates to business and organisational development. He currently sits on the board of Directors of the Emerging Brands Barbados Co-operative Society (EBB) as Secretary. He enjoys learning, planning and executing business development meetings and activities with various governmental and non-governmental intuitions for the members.

Antonio currently hold the position of Tax Relief Investigator (TRI) at the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA). The main tasks include the oversight of the gathering and processing of income and expenditure information, of those tax payers who are finding it difficult to make various tax payments. As the TRI, he is responsible for presenting each case to a Board that was appointed by the Ministry of Finance, Investment and Economic Affairs for a recommendation of approval or rejection.

Antonio has an entrepreneurial side where he co-owns a small business called Froots A.D. The business has been in existence for five years and despite the challenges of the pandemic over the last year and a half, it has been able to withstand the economic and environmental shocks. Working for BRA, sitting on the Board of EBB and co-owning Froots A.D., had led Antonio to pursue a master’s degree in International Management at the University of West Indies Cave Hill Campus. He will be concluding the programme in July 2021 after completing his research paper.